Truwitz, Inc. Core Competencies


A tech startup, game studio located in Lees Summit, Missouri.

  • Massively Multiplayer
    Masssively Multiplayer

    We have built a framework that will support thousands of players, all playing with and against each other in persistent worlds. Our multiplayer framework is built on top of Photon and is powered by Microsoft Azure cloud services.

  • Cross-Platform

    Thousands of people playing the same game together from nearly any device. Play on iOS during the day and switch to your PC at night or play from your tablet while watching TV.

  • Multi-Genre

    Our team has over 13 years of experience making games in many genres - strategy, role-playing, adventure, puzzle. Many games will combine genres to provide unique experiences, such as a strategy game with RPG elements.

  • While we are a new startup, our team consists of veteran game developers, experienced application and system architects, and advanced network technicians.

  • Our studio does not clone games. We are influenced by classic and revolutionary games, however, the games we create are unique and original.

  • Play games that you want to play, from where you want to play them, on the device you want to play them on.

  • Our game designs vary from simplistic to incredibly complex, but always provide depth in gameplay experience by bringing you new, innovative experiences.

Truwitz, Inc. Team

Our Team

A small tech startup, game design studio in Lees Summit, Missouri USA. We create massively multiplayer, cross-platform games.

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